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Look at us, all on the same page! We want all that for you and more, you little rebel. 

Lost in a sea of mundane invitations? Feeling underwhelmed by pastels and stuffy design? We get it. You aren’t looking for the traditional or every day, you want excitement! You want to have fun with the design process, ultimately creating event invitations that both inform and excite your guests. And maybe leave them just a bit speechless.

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Let's be honest, planning an event is stressful. There are a thousand thing to juggle and the last thing you want to worry about is how to get your guest to your party. We keep our design process simple, guiding you through each step to create gorgeous, custom invitations.  

Bold use of color

WE've never met a color we didn't love. Yes, even that one you're thinking of! With a background in color theory and PSYCHOLOGY, not only can we  make that color work, but we can also tell you how it's going to make your guests feel. to the color obsessed: welcome home!


We believe you can and should have your paper and a clean conscience too. From treeless paper options to recycled wax, we are COMMITTED to working with eco-conscience vendors and using sustainable products so you can feel good about your stationery. Who says eco friendly can't be gorgeous? 


We wouldn't be where we are without the support of our fellow event professionals. We believe in community over COMPETITION and are proud of the amazing network of vendors we have to refer you to.  

Supporting small businesses

From the beginning, we have made working with local and small businesses a priority. From printing, to paper and accessories, over 80% of our suppliers are independently owned and over 60% are here in sunny southern california. Using local companies means our timelines are shorter and our economy is happier! We're all about a win-win situation. 


Poppy + Birch is proud to work with couples of all religions, races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We love love and cannot wait to celebrate yours!